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NSU TT 1969

NSU Max 1952-2022
70 years ago, Albert Roder invented the Ultramax-system
and the new modern motorbike Max was introduced. For the first time in history, this amazing camshaft drive system was used insite the motor of the Max.

The NSU Ultramax camshaft drive system and how it works.

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Owners Workshop Manual
WEBER Type 38-48 DCOE 20 pages
(PDF 5,2 Mb) NEW 05/22/2024

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Ultramax camshaft drive system
Partslist including dismantling and assembling the NSU Ultramax system (original NSU 1971) Artikel
pdf (2,5 Mb) 9 pages.
New 08-02-2023 Hans Homburg

Replace engine rubbers Prinz 4

Showroom all NSU cars

NSU Ro 80 - Fichtel & Sachs
Wandler-Schaltkupplung WSK / Funktion - Einstellung - Werkstatthinweise (06-10-2019)

NSU TT VDO instruments Data Sheet

Colors of the NSU TT and TTS 1969

NSU parts in Neckarsulm 2012

Stamps with NSU

Flasher unit - direction indicators

Clutch 4 cylinder

NSU TT Trophy - Youngtimer (NL)

126 years ago - first NSU bicycle

Cartoons with NSU

30 cartoons of Leo Bjerg Madsen

A historic summery of NSU

Bearings for NSU and its secret

Solex - Weber carburetter jets

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NSU engine technic

Information and maintanance for the
NSU 2 and 4 cylinder engine.

Written for the owner who wishes to maintain his NSU car in good condition.

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NSU History

149 years ago, a workshop of knitting machines was started and officially set up: July 27, 1873. The first bicycle was made in 1886. The NSU brand was founded in 1892 from the letters of its name Neckarsulm, a small village near Heilbronn. The first motorcycle was made in 1900 and in 1906 the first car was made. After the merger in 1969 to the brand Audi NSU Auto Union, in 1972 the production of small types of NSU's stopped. Only the NSU Ro 80 was made until 1977. A short history here...
Read the German article here...

Future with NSU

Driving, maintenance, talking and enjoy!


Repair Handbook 4-cylinder
from 28-09-2019 - Free

Hans Homburg

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